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Grail Engine Technologies is making news across the web.
Posted by: admin on 04/17/11 at 10:12pm

Grail Engine Technologies now holds a place on Autodesk's Customer Showcase site and was featured in a recent iReport Article on as well as an article on Popular Mechanics.


Grail Engine had a phenomenal response at the 2011 SAE World Congress
Posted by: admin on 04/17/11 at 5:11pm

grail engine on display at automotive testing expo It was an honor and pleasure speaking with our extremely intelligent colleagues. This was an excellent and appropriate venue to release the knowledge of the "Grail Cycle."  The staff of Grail Engine, greatly appreciates the opportunity that SAE provides to the automotive engineering industry. It was a pleasure working with the SAE staff and applaud the recognition of being voted the best of the best booth award by the conference participants. grail engine on display at automotive testing expo

Dr. Henry R. Busby assists the project
Posted by: admin on 03/31/11 at 6:09am

The Grail Engine appears to be one of the greatest advances in the internal combustion engine field in more than a hundred years. By running the engine with the intake valve in the middle of the piston, it allows the piston to run much cooler than a piston in a normal internal combustion engine. This reduces emissions (especially the nitrous oxides) to the 2020 EPA Tier 4 levels with no exhaust treatment (catalytic converters, etc.). Also, by running the engine as a two (2) cycle engine, it allows it to develop much more power and torque than an equivalent size four (4) cycle engine. Because it uses a standard lubricating system in the crankcase and breathing tubes to the air intake box in the piston, no oil is needed to be mixed in the fuel nor is any being burned in the combustion chamber. The engine design uses engine parts (pistons, piston rings, cylinders, valves, crank shaft, etc) which are currently being used in the standard internal combustions engines of today. Thus, tooling up and production costs will be no more (probably less) than the engines in production today. From the data that is currently available, it appears that the Grail Engine will get approximately 30% better fuel economy than todays engines. Thus, a diesel version of the Grail Engine of the equivalent size running in the Smart Car would get more than 100 miles per gallon of fuel. The Grail Engine can also be run on many different fuels (gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, hydrogen, and kerosene).

- Dr. Henry R. Busby


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Updates from the SAE World Congress
Posted by: admin on 02/01/11 at 10:07am

Grail Engine Technologies is selected to exhibit at the "Innovators Only Exhibition" at the upcoming SAE World Congress on April 12-14, 2011 in Detroit, MI.  Come visit us at Booth #325 grail engine on display at automotive testing expo

The Company attends the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas
Posted by: admin on 01/17/11 at 2:05am

Grail Engine Technologies attends World of Concrete show in Las Vegas. Met with engine manufacturers and found we were received well by several companies. Please check back in the near future for exciting news.

The Grail Engine is now on display at the Automotive Testing Expo
Posted by: admin on 10/25/10 at 2:03am

The "Grail Engine" on display. At the North American Automotive Testing Expo October 26-28th, 2010 in Novi, Michigan. Where they spoke with Automotive Engineers from multiple manufacturers. Letting them know about the technology as well as the opportunity to lease it inexpensively from Grail Engine.
grail engine on display at automotive testing expo grail engine on display at automotive testing expo

Aviation Research Center Encouraged by Grail Engine
Posted by: admin on 10/14/10 at 2:00pm

Aviation Research Center Encouraged by Grail Engine. Kansas State University's Applied Aviation Research Center is excited about the possibilities presented by Grail Engine Technologies' efforts to develop a pioneering two-stroke engine that could allow aircraft and UAVs to fly longer and cleaner. Grail Engine's goal for its engine is to operate using multiple fuels and performance levels while it reduces pollution compared to a traditional four stroke engine.

We've gained more partners and associates.
Posted by: admin on 09/13/10 at 9:52am

We have recently added a few more companies to our list of partners. Manley, Mac Tools, Advanced Manufacturing Institute, Protech Composites, Total Seal, and G. L. Huyett to name a few. To see our current and new partners, click here to visit the partners page, or use the naviagation at the top of the screen.

A&D Technology, Inc. Supports Grail Engine Development
Posted by: admin on 08/09/10 at 3:57pm

A&D Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce its support for the development of the innovative Grail Engine. A&D, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a leading supplier of powertrain testing and development tools and services. A&D is supplying dynamometer-based testing services for the first prototype single-cylinder Grail engine in one of its state-of-the-art development test cells. Utilizing our automated test system, iTest, and Phoenix real-time combustion analysis system, A&D will provide an initial non-fueled performance evaluation, followed by gasoline-fueled testing and development with A&D's Flexible Engine Management prototyping system. A&D and Grail are confident that the tools and services supplied by A&D will accelerate Grail's time-to-market for this pioneering two-stroke engine. 

Grail Engine Technology, Inc. CEO Matthew Riley stated "We are delighted to be working with A&D Technology, Inc. for the development of the engine management system for our Grail engines."

Mr. Riley further added, "A&D is the worldwide leader in flexible engine management systems. We look forward to the final stages of testing and development with A&D on our initial prototype system." 

After engine certification, Grail Engine will build a research and development lab in conjunction with corporate offices. Salina is a leading site for the development for the corporate complex. Presently Grail Engine work is being done in four locations but, the corporation plans to consolidate into one location after engine certification has been completed.


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We have entered our engine into the Pepsi Refresh Project
Posted by: admin on 06/01/10 at 8:38am

Our goal is to reduce pollution and keep the fun in transportation without batteries


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