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Grail Engine Technologies

Thomas F. Patterson, Jr.

Education & Training

  • BSME, Lawrence Technological University, 1973
  • Introduction to Computers for Engineers, Boeing
  • Traffic Accident Reconstruction, NWU-Traffic Institute
  • Vehicle Accident Reconstruction, Ohio State University
  • Biomechanics and Human Tolerance, Ford Motor Company
  • C Programming for Engineers, University of Michigan
  • Biomechanics of Impact Trauma, AAAM
  • Introduction to Microprocessors, HFCC
  • Vehicle Crash Mechanics, University of Michigan
  • Computer Accident Reconstruction, EDSMAC
  • Brake Design and Safety, SAE
  • Introduction to Computer Architecture, University of Michigan
  • Automotive Glass and Glazing Design, SAE
  • Automotive Welding Fundamentals, AWS
  • Finite Element Analysis, NEi Webinar
  • Level-2 Test Driver Certification, Ford Proving Grounds


Professional Experience

  • Ford GPD
    Design and testing of instrument cluster assemblies, speedometers, tachometers,
    fuel-temp-oil gages and sending units, various electromechanical switches, panel
    illumination and emission control devices.
  • Ford Mahway Assy.
    Plant – Engineering management liaison on production and assembly of all body sheet
    metal and unibody platform substructure, all body wiring and circuitry, all
    electromechanical components, seats and trim, glass, ignition systems and emission
    controls for the Granada and Monarch carlines.
  • Ford Body Engineer
    Design of body wiring and circuitry for full size framebody cars. Design of interior
    trim and seating for compact unibody cars. Analysis and reporting of system and
    component warranty performance for all Body and Electrical design areas. Analysis
    and coordination of Body Engineering performance to corporate manpower and cost
    objectives. Coordination and control of all Body Engineering Office feasibility approval
    on forward model compact car design proposals.
  • Ford Product Planning
    Assist in formulating business plans for forward model passenger cars by analyzing
    market conditions and competitive products. Assist in making financial and product
    status reports to the financial community to support corporate credit and debt ratings.
  • Ford Design Analysis & Design Research Engineering
    Provide engineering consultation & analysis in the following areas: design and assembly
    of vehicle structure as relates to deformation, energy management and occupant
    protection in vehicle impacts.
  • Evaluation of body structure welds of all types as they relate to structural integrity in car
    impacts. Evaluation of windshield and sideglass design, assy. And retention as it relates
    to occupant protection in vehicle impacts.
  • Analysis of automobile collision factors for impact speeds, post impact motions, crush
    profiles, principle directions of force and energy factors.
  • Analysis of restraint systems to determine use and effectiveness in car impacts for
    occupant restraint and protection. Evaluation of seat design and performance for
    occupant protection, minimalization of injury in car impacts.
  • Analyzing effectiveness of locks, latches, hinges and other door, hood and decklid
    retention devices.


Professional Associations

  • Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Engineering Society of Detroit
  • American Welding Society
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Engineering Roundtable
  • Defense Research Institute