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Howard S. Hedlund B.A. (Michigan State University) Fred R. Kern, Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Dr. Denis Brownridge Ph.D. (Michigan State University)


Grail Engine Technologies appreciates & recognizes:

Cory Walcher, sales manager, Richard Schmeidler general manager, and the excellent staff of Davis Moore Mazda of Wichita Kansas. Their level of professionalism and excellence in customer service before, during, and after the sale was outstanding. We greatly appreciate all of the hard work that they do.


our special friends at the Delphi Corporation, who have assisted us in advanced combustion and trap volume analysis. This was a positive and professional experience. Grail Engine Technologies will enjoy working with them in the future. They have my personal gratitude and appreciation.


Denso Products for the advanced education in automotive spark plugs.


Lou Camilli of Enerpulse Corporation for being a true friend and an excellent advisor.


the Bosch Corporation for your time and consideration. We are keeping you in mind.


Detroit Diesel, for your time and interest in a pleasant visit. We are keeping you in mind.


the Autodesk Corporation and D3 Technologies for all of the advanced assistance in flow animation technology.


the Honda Corporation, for sending out their engineers from Japan and California. They were honorable and professional. We are keeping you in mind.


the Exline Corporation and their staff, for a high quality prototype engine. We will always keep our friends at Exline in our future.


the Salina Area Technical College; to the extremely talented and friendly staff. You have our deepest thanks and gratitude for the continuing and always professional quality assistance.


We also appreciate our sponsors, associates, and friends.


- Sincerely, Matthew Riley (CEO) and the staff of Grail Engine Technologies