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Grail Engine Technologies
We are a unique team of individuals with the same aspirations – to improve our environment by developing an efficient emissions friendly engine. Being "green" is not something you do for the moment, it's a way of life as well as our responsibility.

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Matthew Riley


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Nicholas Bennington

(President / Research Engineer)

Mr. Bennington holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University and an MS degree in Management Information Systems from Friends University Wichita, KS. He has over 20 years experience in the aerospace and aviation industry (General Dynamics, Douglas Aircraft, BF Goodrich - formally Rohr Inc., Bombardier/Learjet) specializing in CAD design and training, implementation of enterprise PDM applications, managing multiple continuous improvement initiatives via Six Sigma and Lean Engineering. Nicholas has consulted on several ground breaking experimental engine technological projects with Matthew Riley.


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Doug Thompson

(Corporate Attorney / Treasurer)

Mr. Thompson is city attorney for the city of Chapman, Kansas, Dickinson County Counselor, Administrative Hearing Officer for the Eighth Judicial District (Geary, Dickinson, Morris, and Marion counties), and municipal judge for the city of Abilene, Kansas.


Mr. Thompson is President of the Kansas Auto Racing Museum and Kansas Racing Products. Kansas Racing Products manufactures the "Super Duty Block" utilizing the General Motors high performance in-line 4-cylinder block, the Ford SVO Racing Block and the Mopar high performance block.


Kansas Racing Products also manufactures crankshafts and intake manifolds. Kansas Racing Products engine blocks have been successfully used in NASCAR, ARCA, Power Boat Racing, Off-Road Racing and currently is a world record holder in the NHRA Series.


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Vince Stephens

Vince Stephens was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 17, at age 24 he entered a wheel chair. Four years later through his own determination and perseverance he was able to leave the wheel chair behind him. Vince is the author of "Multiple Sclerosis: One Victims Story"; A book describing his driving force to overcome the debilitating conditions brought on by MS, and is now fully functional. He served as Chairman of the Loveland Handicap Advisory Board and was President of the Loveland Handicap Commission, who were instrumental in creating many of the first ADA requirements in Colorado, and was the inaugural President of People First in Hutchinson, Kansas. Vince spent over 10 years lecturing throughout the US and Canada on the subject of good health and degenerative illness and continues to assist anyone requesting help from his experiences. As a youth in Kansas, Vince was an Eagle Scout. He belonged to High Country Mustang Club in Colorado and Shelby Owners of America, Inc. He is presently a member of the Mid States Street Rods and Salt City Cruisers car clubs, in Kansas, which are non-profit organizations that raise money for various charities in his hometown. Vince belongs to the Ford GT Forum. He owned and operated an auto parts business and machine shop in Colorado. In Kansas he built racing engines which have powered cars to track records and championships in dirt track racing. Mr. Stephens is President of Stephens Rental Properties, Rampart, LLC, and HTP, LLC, all in Kansas. He is co-owner of Legacy II, LLC, in Colorado, Native Properties III, LLC, and the Split-T Center, in Oklahoma and Split-T Charcoal Broiler, Inc., California. He presently sits on the board of directors of Grail Engine Technologies.

Dr. M. Maureen Toll

Ed.D. Educational Leadership; M.S. Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Maureen Toll's career has included leadership responsibilities in K- 12 education, post-secondary education, and workforce and economic development. Her responsibilities have included—from both the corporate and academic perspectives—custom-designed workforce training, assessments, and other human resource services for regional schools, businesses, and industries; educational and labor market research; policy and policy analysis; coordination of workforce and education task forces; and representation on several national, state, and local boards related to workforce and educational issues, legislation and funding. She has experience in Tech Prep, School to Career, Welfare to Work, the Workforce Investment Act, the U.S. Chamber's Workforce 2020 program, and the Synchronist economic development research and analysis system. Throughout her career, Dr. Toll and her husband, Doug, have also managed their own farming operation. Dr. Toll is a member of the Board of Directors for Grail Engine Technologies.


Howard S. Hedlund


Business Administration from Michigan State University.

Lou Camilli

President Enerpulse Corporation

The Enerpulse Corporation is collaborating with Grail Engine Technologies on advanced emerging technological breakthroughs.

Dr. Dennis Brownridge

Ph.D. Assisting Scientist

Past Appointments


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Dr. Robert R. Wright

Ph.D. Assisting Scientist

Dr. Wright's credentials include being a faculty member and the Assistant to Dean (1979 -1987) in the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he taught engineering, science and mathematics courses. The courses that he taught included but were not limited to the following topics: centroids (centers of gravity), coefficients of friction, fluid pressures, moments of inertia, force analysis, torques, vector calculus, differential equations, strengths of materials, and dynamics. He continues to do research and author papers in science and engineering and is a co-author of a collegiate textbook in addition to numerous journal articles. He has appeared on several occasions as a technical expert on national television both in the U.S.A. and Canada. Dr. Wright has been retained as a technical expert by corporations and manufacturers. Manufacturers, such as SunnyBrook RV, Inc. and Eaz-Lift, have retained Dr. Wright to analyze and test their products as to whether their trailer (SunnyBrook) and/or the hitch/stabilizer system (Eaz-Lift) caused and/or contributed to any trailer sway. In addition, he has been retained by among others, Shepard's Mayflower, Inc., Hone Trucking Company, Arrow Trucking Company, R & L Carriers, Inc., and Dart Transportation Co. to investigate and analyze their interstate trucks and trailers. Dr. Wright has testified as an expert on product design in Federal and State Courts throughout the United States.


In 1990, Dr. Wright was asked to testify before the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs as an expert on vehicular dynamics. He has been asked on numerous occasions by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) to participate in hearings and meetings. On one occasion, he was given an honorarium from the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission to spend a day (9/19/97) with the CPSC staff to discuss his observations, calculations, testing, and opinions as it pertains to stability and safety. In 1994, Dr. Wright was asked to deliver a paper at The Second Biennial European Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis in London, England. The American Bar Association selected Dr. Wright to be one of the faculty members at their National Institute on "Emerging Issues in Motor Vehicle Product Liability Litigation" which was held in Phoenix, Arizona in 1995. In 1996, Dr. Wright was an invited featured speaker at The Third Biennial European Joint Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis in Montpellier, France.


Dr. Wright has been a product designer for a manufacturing company, in addition, to being a consulting science, engineering, and mathematics editor for textbook publisher and the former Chairman, Engineering Education Readers Committee of S A E (Society of Automotive Engineers).


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Dr. Henry R. Busby

Ph.D. Assisting Scientist

Professor - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University

Dr. Busby has been doing research and teaching mechanical engineering including thermal dynamics and engine design for more than 25 years at The Ohio Sate University in Columbus, Ohio.  Before joining the faculty in The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Ohio State, Dr. Busby was a faculty member at both North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota, and California State University in Fullerton, California.


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Thomas F. Patterson, Jr.

Thomas Patterson as worked for various high level auto manufacturers, and has years of experience and an extensive education in the automotive industry.


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Gary L. Stecklein

Assisting Engineer & Consultant

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Kansas State University, 1974
M.S. in Business Administration, University of Texas/San Antonio, 1985


Gary Stecklein began his professional career as a design engineer with Deere & Company in 1974.  During his six years there he became responsible for the development of structural and hydraulic components for industrial crawler loaders and dozers. While at Deere & Company he received six patents; three patents associated with lubrication sealing techniques that reduced maintenance requirements, one for a backhoe boom system that extended its operational range, one for a manufacturing processes for flame-cutting a continuous bevel, and one for rigidly securing levers to shafts.

In 1980, Mr. Stecklein joined Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) as a senior research engineer.  In that position, he served as project manager on several research programs for military sponsors including the development of the first microcomputer-controlled, hybrid hydraulic and hybrid electric tracked military vehicles.  His responsibilities included the detailed powertrain designs and designs of the control systems for three vehicles.


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Dr. George Smith

George L. Smith, Ph.D. is the vice president of LEXPERT, Inc. and the former Chairman of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department and Associate Dean of the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He has been a project director or principal investigator on numerous research projects. Dr. Smith's research among other areas includes investigations of driver and pilot behavior, design theory and practice, and human behavior in the work place. In addition to earning B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in industrial engineering, he has also earned an M.S. degree in experimental psychology. Dr. Smith is an Arbitrator for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the author or co-author of numerous journal articles and scientific and technical presentations. Dr. Smith is the former editor of Human Factors, the journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. He is a Fellow of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the World Academy of Productivity Science.

Dr. Fred R. Kern

Ph.D. Senior Consultant, Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Kern, INCE.Bd.Cert., (Institute of Noise Control Engineering) contributes over forty five years of professional experience in the field of applied mechanics in applications ranging from automotive vehicle design to aircraft engines and submarines to projects at Acentech, Inc.


His professional practice has included design, development, research, and failure analysis. In the field of manufacturing, Dr. Kern contributed to the design and development of patents for ignition systems, burner improvements and Naval Launch and recovery systems for unmanned surface and underwater vehicles.

In his role of Senior Consultant Mechanical Engineer, Dr. Kern works extensively with other Acentech staff involved in acoustics, materials, sensor development and deployments and investigates structural failures to assist in cause identification including design and material issues.


Dr. Kern was a director of Combustion Electromagnetics Incorporated for thirteen years from its incorporation in 1977, and is currently for the last 15 years. He has contributed to the theoretical development and mechanical design of electromagnetically stimulated combustion in engines and holds a joint patent in "Burner Improvements," No. 4,230,448 and on ignition systems.


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